Thursday, 26 June 2008

Scifinder Scholar - new web version now available

A new web-based version of SciFinder is now available at Nottingham.

The new version does not require you to download the full SciFinder software, it has a more intuitive and "modern" feel and all the important functionality is available. Only a few features e.g. Journal contents browsing and the Categorize command are not yet available. Structure and reaction searching is run through a Java application but if you do not wish to use the structure drawing package there is no need to install any software.

The familiar client-based version is still available and both versions will continue to be supported. However, since we have no additional "seats", 2 of our 6 allocated accesses have been migrated to this new version and we will monitor usage to assess whether/when to transfer more across.

The usual advice that "if you do not get through try again" applies to both versions. We do receive detailed logs of turn-aways so that we can assess the relative popularity of the two versions.

Individual registration is required to use the web-based service. Please see our 'NEW' help page at for the link to 'Register Now' and for details of browser requirements. (NB this is also the address for downloading the Scifinder client-based software)

To use the web-based version connect to from a computer on the University network.

Feel free to leave your comments on the new service here or contact your subject librarians directly: or

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