Thursday, 25 June 2009

Paying to publish for Open Access - RIN Guidelines

“The Research Information Network and Universities UK have produced a guide (March 2009) to provide advice on paying open access publication charges: that is, fees levied by some journals for the publication of scholarly articles so that they can be made available free of charge to readers, immediately upon publication. The guide also sets out recommendations for universities and other research institutions, publishers, research funders, and authors.”

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New journals from the Royal Society of Chemistry

We have registered for the following new RSC journals during the periods of free trial access as listed below.

Energy and Environmental Science
Free online access available until December 2009

Integrative Biology
Free online access available until December 2010

Free online access available until December 2010

Analytical Methods
Free online access available later in 2009 until December 2010

Free online access available later in 2009 until December 2010

Polymer Chemistry
Free online access available in 2010 until December 2011

2008 Journal Citation Reports released for the latest impact factors

The 2008 JCR contains more than 400 new titles, including more than 350 titles that will have their first published Journal Impact Factor.

The release of the 2008 Journal Citation Reports includes the first-ever update to the newly introduced Five Year Impact Factor and Eigenfactor™ Metrics in JCR Web. Eigenfactor™ Metrics use citing journal data from the entire JCR file to reflect the prestige and citation influence of journals by considering scholarly literature as a network of journal-to-journal relationships.
Connect to the JCR via our subscription to Web of Knowledge.
For more details about JCR see

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Enhancements to ebrary

ebrary is a large ebooks package offering access to ebook material in a variety of different subject areas.

Recently, ebrary has significantly enhanced its technology by improving its QuickView Reader, which does not require any software downloads or installations. Printing has also been added to quick view as well as integration with Endnote for easy citation management. Additionally, ebrary has enhanced its bookshelf feature. End-users can now email folders containing notes, highlights, hyperlinks, and bookmarks to peers.

Working from multiple workstations and frustrated without your favorites?

You are not alone........ me too!

In fact, at present, I am working from 3 PCs from two different campuses as well as working from home ocassionally - does this sound familiar?

If you are at home wishing all your favorites weren’t on your computer at work? Or vice versa? .... then check out Diigo or Delicious.

If you haven’t started using an online bookmarking tool, why not try one of these? Install the gadget on your toolbar, and then just click anytime you find a site you want to keep track of for later.

Services such as Delicious and Diigo also have the added benefit of allowing you to highlight what you find with your own notes. Great tools to consider using with students during research projects or to foster information literacies such as evaluating and anotating what's found.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

May New Book Arrivals

A listing of all new book arrivals for May is now available. It includes titles for both Engineering and Science. To view click on the link "New Book Arrivals" on the right hand menu.