Thursday, 24 July 2008

University of Nottingham engineering in the news

The University of Nottingham has featured recently in the engineering press:

Sharpe, L. Funding boost for energy storage. Engineering and Technology, 7 June – 20 June 2008, 3(10), 4

“Professor Greg Asher of the University of Nottingham aims to develop a demonstration model of a supercapattery, a device that combines the benefits of a super capacitor and a battery – fast charge/discharge rates and the ability to store a large amount of electrical energy”

“Professor Seamus Garvey of the University of Nottingham is looking at using wind-generated energy to compress and pump air into underwater bags, anchored to the seabed. When energy demand is highest, the air would be released through a turbine to produce electricity.”

Ideas factory. Professional Engineering, 25 June 2008, 21(11), 43

“Nothing provokes a nice bit of snobbiness like a discussion about educational background. For the mechanical engineer there’s a few select seats of learning that allow a definite feeling of superiority. Step forward if you went to Oxbridge, Imperial, Bath, Warwick, Nottingham or Strathclyde universities, among a few others.”

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