Monday, 18 May 2009

Wolfram Alpha: a new search engine for factual answers

Wolfram Alpha is a new search engine which aims to answer specific questions with clear factual answers, rather than just a list of other websites such as Google might provide. I tried a few searches, some of which were not recognised but I did get answers to the number of cells in the human body and human average height. The latter gave me data in feet and inches, metres and even fathoms, plus a chart of height ranges.
The site was the idea of Stephen Wolfram who created the Mathematica computer program and it is expected to improve with use. So why not give it a go and help with the development of the database?
You may also be interested in the reference websites we have catalogued on the eLibrary Gateway under Science Reference. If you know of other useful sites in this category please share them with us through this blog.

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