Monday, 2 November 2009

ACS Journals Access Restored

Access to ACS Journals and Back Issues has now been restored. Access was blocked by the publisher last week due to inappropriate downloading/copying by a member of the University. Downloading excessive amounts of information from the database is clearly in violation of our licensing agreement with the ACS.
Excessive downloading is systematic, beyond normal use and printing of articles that would result from searching or browsing. It is usually the result of a user, or users, who are systematically, and/or automatically and very intentionally, downloading numerous articles from one or more journals.
A breach of our signed license agreements with vendors may result in ip address blocking and we can potentially lose complete access. In this case one individual's inappropriate activity inconvenienced researchers across campus and could have prevented us from continuing this license. Such cases may be investigated by the University to identify the culprits.
Please ensure that your use is within the terms of our licence

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