Friday, 10 October 2008

Athens .... changes afoot

All Athens accounts are lapsing as the system for authentication is changing. Moving forward we will not be routinely renewing any Athens usernames or passwords and access to resources will be effected via:

1. An alternative log-in. When presented with an Athens 'login box' or authentication screen, click on the link to "alternative log-in" (see small print located immediately under the login box), select the University of Nottingham from the drop-down list of institutions (a cookie will be set on your machine so you should only have to do this once unless you change computers), follow the link to the University of Nottingham log-in page and put in when prompted your usual university computer username and password.

2. An institutional or Shibboleth log-in. Some resources will take you directly to their home page and invite you to log in with an Institutional or Federated or Shibboleth username. You will need to identfy yourself as a member of Nottingham University by selecting our university from the list provided and entering, when prompted your university username and password.

We are currently in a 'hand-over' or transition period but heading to a simpler clearer future as in the long run you will only have one username/password to remember!

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