Thursday, 8 January 2009

Advance Notification of Changes to Intute - Health & Life Sciences

In January, Intute: Health and Life Sciences (HLS) will be introducing a change to the presentation of subject headings on the HLS Home Page.

The Bioresearch and Natural History headings will be combined into a single new heading: Biological Sciences. The content has been combined and is cross searchable but the browse structure will remain the same (with some minor modifications). These changes have been informed by user feedback and an Advisory Group including academics and a librarian in the subject area and the Higher Education Academy for Bioscience. In addition, Intute has improved the content, adding hundreds of new resources in the biological sciences.

The change will take place on Tuesday 13th January 2009. The new URL for Biological Sciences will be The old URLs will be redirected to this new address.

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