Friday, 30 January 2009

New ebooks trial - we welcome your feedback

We have a trial set up for the Morgan & Claypool synthesis ebook collection until 28 February 2009.

What is the synthesis collection?
SYNTHESIS is an innovative and award winning e-book library of Biomedical, Engineering and Computer Science that combines authoritative content with advanced digital delivery. The SYNTHESIS platform includes e-books covering electromagnetics and antennas, signal processing and communications, biomedical engineering, digital circuits and more general electrical engineering.

How do I access synthesis?
Synthesis can be accessed via the eLibrary Gateway (Search under titles for Morgan and Claypool's ebook collections)

Subscriptions are based on 8 subject collections or the whole collection. To see the titles in each of the subject collections, click on the "browse our subject collections" link on the right hand side.

Useful feedback for us would be whether you find particular collections more useful than others and the value of the collection for library purchasing.

The whole site can also easily be searched using the "quick search" option at the top of the page.

Please could you feedback any comments, either by commenting within the blog, or emailing by 28 February.

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