Thursday, 16 April 2009

Adding RSS Feeds to this blog via Internet Explorer

Did you know that you could follow feeds and updates to this blog in Internet Explorer? From this blog page click on the

'Subscribe to: Posts' link/Icon located at the bottom of the page or on the right hand side as you scroll down, select 'Atom' from any list of options presented. You will be automatically subscribed to the feed and be updated as new posts are added to this blog.

To follow your feeds or updates click on your Feeds folder, located alongside your favorites in your favorites centre (star icon on your IE toolbar) and select the feed/update of interest.

For more information on adding RSS Feeds via Outlook or IE see:


Jenny Coombs said...

This info is really useful. Is there anyway we could have this and the info about Outlook as a static help somewhere on the page - probably the right hand side so that it's easy for people to find the help rather than having to look through the blog entries.

Alison Johnson said...

Good point I will look into this and do some testing. Will report back here soon!