Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Free Access to US Standards

Dinah has just come across this US site which offers FREE the full text pdfs of standards from the National Bureau of Standards and Bureau of Minesetc...

Their plan is to gather and digitize the following materials from National Bureau of Standards (Now NIST):

Applied Mathematic Series
  • C 13.32:Basic Radio Propagation Predictions
  • C 13.31:Building and Housing Publications
  • C 13.25:Building Science Series (two related titles)
  • C 13.29/2:Bulletin
  • C 13.3:Circular (three related titles)
  • C 13.4:Handbook
  • C 13.11:Letter Circulars
  • C 13.16:Mathematical Tables
  • C 13.20:Miscellaneous Publications
  • C 13.10:NBS IR (Interagency Reports)
  • C 13.58:NBS Report

Special Publications

  • C 13.10:NSRDS-NBS (National Standard Reference Data Series)
  • C 13.38:Scientific Papers

Technical Notes

  • C 13.46:Technologic Papers
  • C 13.8:
So the resource is likely to grow. Link to the resource via the webaddress above or via the Elibrary Gateway under General; Standards

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Dinah Northall said...

Another useful site for full text reports and standards is the NIST Virtual Library at href=