Friday, 21 November 2008

Access to Electronic Journals - tips to reduce confusion

The library subscribes to electronic journals through a number of suppliers. Sometimes access to a journal may be provided by more than one supplier; sometimes different suppliers provide access to different issues, or provision can overlap so you could get the same articles from more than one supplier.

Such complication can lead to confusion and frustration especially if you go directly to one of the suppliers - eg Ingenta for Informaworld - to try and get an article they don't supply to us or or we don't subscribe to at the Univeristy of Nottingham. In this scenario, access will always be refused.

This means that it is better to go to the journal you want via the library catalogue or the eLibrary Gateway, because then you find out along the way which supplier you can use. If you click on the SFX button adjacent to the journal entry on UNLOC, or in the eLibrary Gateway, you will get a pop-up that tells you which issues come from where.

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