Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Science in Industry - New Website linking Industry and Academia

Science in Industry has been established as a monthly ezine for scientists in school, college, academia and industry. Its aim is to promote closer links between schools, colleges, universities and industry, and in particular to give students and academics an appreciation of what it is like to work in industry, and how academic science is translated into industrial technology.

Each month there will be three articles:
  • one "innovative" article giving essential background to, and applications of the latest scientific developments.
  • one "industrial" article outlining the technology used in a certain area of industry or giving a feel for what it is like to be a scientist / technologist in industry.
  • on a lighter note we also have articles on a variety of scientific issues for which we can find no better generic title than "Borderline"!

Please visit the site to see how this could be of considerable value to students who are looking to enter industry in a scientific career.

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