Monday, 17 November 2008

Web version of SciFinder enhanced

Have you tried the new web-based version of SciFinder yet?

The service, which was launched this summer, has now been upgraded to improve search performance, functionality and content.

The improvements include:-
- Direct links to full text and data
- Keep Me Posted enhancements to help keep you up to date with your interests
- Improved search precision
- Facility to review searches from previous sessions
- Index term linking
- Saving and combining answer sets

Content enhancements include:-
- 23.8 million predicted proton NMR spectra
- 1.9 billion predicted and experimental properties, spectra and data
- 29 million preparations, including single- and multi-step reactions
- Reactions from major reference works, such as Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

For more details of the upgrade see the CAS website

To register as a SciFinder web user and for information on our subscription please link to

We should like to know what you think about the new web-based SciFinder - please post any comments to the blog.

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